Worst. Amendment. Ever.

So get this; our Metro Government spent $200k+ to give citizens the  opportunity to vote today on two amendments to the Metro Charter. Because in economic down-times, that’s what you want to spend your money on. Shouldn’t we have voted on this before we voted on this?

But here’s the deal. The amendments were as follows: link here. In summation they are:

1. Official documents can only be in English. No translations will be provided. As a friend said last night, “I would be embarrassed to live in a place where that was a law.” I voted no.

2. We shouldn’t have to wait a reasonable amount of time to vote on stuff. Beautiful example of need-it-now-ism. I voted no.

I think its interesting that the first amendment is completely against the American ideal of a place where everyone is welcome, while the second embraces the American ideal of microwaves and instant gratification.

Politically, I’m opposed to stupid ideas. These are both stupid ideas. I get why the two were linked together and think its. well. stupid. I was pretty mad that i even had to vote on this. Shouldn’t there be a Stupid Ideas Commitee that has license to slap Rep’s with bad ideas and never allow the issues to waste taxpayer money? I would vote Mike and Corey to head up that committee.


One Comment on “Worst. Amendment. Ever.”

  1. meg says:

    It would be reasonable to have translations available!!

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