I’ve added two pages: Books in 2008 and Books in 2009. The 2008 page is just a list with synopsesseesses of the books i can remember reading in ’08. And the 2009 page is an up-to-the-minute-or-sooner list of what i’m reading, have read, and intend to read in ’09… and it has reviews!

I write reviews! Reviews were and are to be written and i did the writing! Reviews!

I finally realised that with all the reading i do, i need a consolidated space for what I’ve read and my general impressions. Really should have been doing this alot sooner- like 7 years ago sooner.

Did you know i started my first blog 7 years ago?

And then didn’t write anything for five years?

And then forgot the password?

And had to get a new blog?

And now i can’t even remember what the first one was called?


I’d love to go back and see what I was reading and thinking then. Probably just apologising for not writing more often.

2 Comments on “Update”

  1. Hey Dave, without being too ‘advertisey’ I’d like to recommend Goodreads.com as a great way to keep up with your book reading. You can keep track of the books you’ve read, are reading, and want to read. You can also post reviews, see what friends are reading, and all sorts of good stuff. I’ve loved having a consolidated place to keep track of that stuff (because, like you, I feel the need to keep track of that sort of stuff). And I too wish I had been doing it like 10 years earlier. And, unfortunately, that was pretty advertisey… sorry.

  2. metamoses says:

    Thanks. “too advertisey” would entail promises of life change and never having to shower again. What do i do now that I’ve typed up all this great material? Or can i stream it thru the blog…? I’ll check it out.

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