Just do it

I just discovered (dis-covered) a trick i’ve been playing on myself.

My intention is to get up a certain time each morning and do a certain number of things before heading off to work. These things are motivating and get me all excited about the new morning. But each morning i struggle to get up in time to do any of them- let alone all of them. I lay there and mentally go thru my list for the morning and fall asleep until the snooze alram goes off again. I end up pressed for time and just barely get the required tasks done (brushing teeth, putting on clothes,  making lunch). What’s the deal?

I realised yesterday that i’ve been trying to motivate myself to get up rather than just getting up. I don’t know if that makes sense or is enough of a distinction to make any difference. I hadn’t noticed until last night that i was doing this to myself.

This morning i just got up and did my stuff. All of it. No motivation required. Just did it. I was still pressed for time and had to take my oatmeal with me and eat it at the office- but it was a nice step in the right direction.

One Comment on “Just do it”

  1. Cara says:

    Nicely put. Maybe I should start subscribing to the Just Get Up program, rather than pining at the 5 minutes of not-useful sleep that I try so hard to eek out. I allow my motivation to be laced with emotion, tiredness and circumstance.

    I was just going through a mental struggle of feeling very unmotivated, and realized I just needed to make a choice to move forward despite others or the way I was feeling.

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