Trust and Belonging in Sofia

Here’s the link. Two things visually jump out at you. First, that Norway and Hungary score extraordinarily high and secondly, that the UK and Bulgaria register so extraorinarily low.

UK, Hungary and Norway seem to fit my stereotypes. I have one story about the Hungarian man on the train who exhibited significant trust. I was impressed- but that’s my only experience.

Bulgaria, is for me, the anomaly here. The article focuses on UK, so the response from Bulgarian readers is pretty low. But i’d be interested in whether Bulgar and Roma feel this way. They do not border any other EU states and that may say something as well. Is this consistent with the region? or uniquely Bulgarian?

Stats and numbers can be skewed any number of ways. But, would anyone in Sofia like to offer a thought?


3 Comments on “Trust and Belonging in Sofia”

  1. Donna says:

    I always thought that people in Bulgaria (and other former Soviet bloc countries) had low trust because of how things were during communism. But I would say that it is accurate about the low trust. By the way, we do border Romania and Greece, which are part of the EU. I can’t say whether this is something that is consistent with the region since I haven’t travelled to very many surrounding countries.

  2. metamoses says:

    Thanks, Donna. The graphic in the article didn’t include the countries surrounding Bulgaria- so i couldn’t remember who was in or out. It made me curious about Greece- since communism is less(?) of a factor there and seems to be a plausible answer to the low trust question in other places in the region- but there’s no graphic on it and thus, i have no idea.

  3. Donna says:

    You should check out this article:

    It was written right after Bulgaria and Romania joined the EU, but it states that “Bulgarians are the least happy and most negatively minded of all citizens of the EU.”

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