Making, Breaking, Reworking

Attitude is the first choice each and every day. I actually determine how I’m going to handle a particular day before i get out of bed. I can’t anticipate everything or predict my day- but i can decide how i respond.

My worst days are the days i don’t predetermine my attitude and let it slide. On a scale of 1-10, if i start my day on 3 and something goes wrong, i’m likely going to slip lower. If i start my day at 6 or even 7, i’ve given myself a head start- something to build on- and if things go wrong, i may drop to a 5. I can still build on a 5.

I’m amazed at the simplicity of this. Its just not that complex. Its hard some days- not easy, that’s for sure- but its ridiculously simple. Determine before you get out of bed what your attitude will be. Do you have a quote, a verse, a mantra, a mental picture that fits your best attitude- use that. Build on that.


2 Comments on “Making, Breaking, Reworking”

  1. mike donahue says:


    which one would you recommend: a quote, a verse, a mantra, or a mental picture? which one have you personally find most helpful to get your daily attitude closest to ten?


  2. metamoses says:

    It changes often for me. Right now, it’s a mix of stuff i’m reading by Seth Godin, Luke 9 and a Ben Franklin quote. It sort of all adds up to my Lent theme this year. The important thing for me right now is the fact of choice- like the quote from Toynbee says, i can’t blame God or nature for my choices or attitudes; the responsibility lies with me.

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