For Padraig

“Successful people expect to face hurdles…” -John Maxwell, The Difference Maker

“Successful people expect to face hurdles. Some people expect life to be easy and smooth- when they encoutner a hurdle, they become surprised, angry or fearful. They don’t think the should be expected to deal with such things.”


What’s my response to hurdles? Angry? Fearful? Surprised?

…or do i anticipate hurdles and meet the challenge head-on? Gather a full head of steam and overcome them. At what point do you stop acting surprised or angry when you run into the hurdles¬†and decide to start accepting the hurdles and jumping them?


2 Comments on “For Padraig”

  1. Cara says:

    I just now got the Padraig thing.

    Good post, I’m still thinking it through. I think I tend to just stare at the hurdle blankly, wondering how in the world am I supposed to jump over it. I also think I’m more apt to worry about the hurdles before I enter the actual race.

  2. mike donahue says:

    what have you personally found to be the best way to ‘gather a full head of steam and overcome’ as you say? and what would you suggest for someone else?

    i don’t get the padraig thing.

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