So I got this idea while on the phone last week with one of our Church Planters that we trained at R9 last November.

We’re calling it:

The Benjamin Revolution

Here’s the deal:

He needs to raise $15,000 cash by his launch day on Easter Sunday, April 12th, which is like 3 weeks away! So I challenged him that we don’t need a couple of people to give him several thousand dollars.  We need 150 people to simply give him a $100 bill.

So we’re going for it.  The countdown is on!!!  150, $100 bills in 3 weeks!

AND… (& I love this) he’s using his twitter account to keep people up to date minute by minute!  (@DarianRains)

So people can literally follow along every time someone gives him another Benjamin.

If you want to help my friend get to 150 Benjamin’s by launch day, it’s easy, you can use your Visa, MasterCard, or Debit simply click this link:

The Benjamin Revolution

Let’s work together and see Darian absolutely blow 150 Benjamin’s out of the water!

What a great way to go into the launch of your church plant!!!

Oh yeah, one more thing… Can you send this blog link to about 6 people who could throw Darian a Benji??? Thanks!

Thanks for your help,

Matt Keller