Loving the Unknown

“All the things you love were once unknown to you.” – John Maxwell, The Difference Maker

There is always loss in change. That is a fact. Change can also bring feelings of aloneness and vulnerability, uncertainty and instability. We resist change for these reasons- and they are good reasons- black hat reasons that force us to face reality.

When Mario leaps from one floating platform to another, it is calculated and the destination is known. Harrowing, but do-able.   We must ask ourselves if the payoff, reward or result is worth, not only the risk (the potential for problems or disaster) but firstly, the very real losses which are inevitable. For these reasons, change for the sake of change smacks of masochism or just a lack of mental stability.

To embrace change is to learn to love the unknown. To embrace change is to accept the losses and collateral damage. To embrace change is to believe that change can be good. And none of this makes sense unless there is a purpose or point to it. The clock is counting down and the screen keeps rolling to the left. A payoff bigger than the pain or loss. Epiphany. Something bigger, larger, more beautiful just beyond. In which case, of course, orbis non sufficit, and you jump.


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