Book Review: Jesus Wants To Save Christians

Jesus Wants t0 Save Christians, Rob Bell & Don Golden

I am behind on my reviews… or maybe i finished this book last night. Hard to say…

The Summary: What if the systems (fancy word for how things are done) that christians participate in and engage with are actually contrary to the teachings of Jesus? What if we unwittingly perpetuate and nurture the very things Jesus came to denounce and subvert? What if God is the God of the oppressed and not of the oppressor? What if you don’t feel oppressed? Does this mean you are the oppressor? If you are oppressed; are you sure it isn’t just a martyr complex?

The Good: It must be said that Rob’s writing style is unique and brilliant. Its very simple and easy to grasp and he’s able to visually emphasise with creative typesetting.

The Bad: The writing is brilliant and simple. It is, unfortunately, too simple at times and one feels one would like more explanation. They “skip” in their train of thought at times and its a bit frustrating. I could follow them clearly enough- but felt that there were other paths too easily dismissed.

The Compelling: Most interesting to me is their explanation/application of the New Exodus Theology. Unlike most theological constructs, the New Exodus has living implications that cannot be ignored or confined to cool libraries. It is a challenging and compelling. If they’re right about this narrative interpretation of scripture, it is painful and damning of the Church. And for those struggling with what it mean to be a christian in the U.S., a welcome bit of hope.

The Bottom Line: Buy it. Twice. And give one to a friend.


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