A Magical Story

Yes, Virginia, there is a magic bullet and its called The Magic Bullet. This story writes itself!A couple years ago, just before Christmas, some friends of ours were watching tv- kinda late at night. On the tv was an ad for a product we had all heard of and made fun of. Something clicked for them that night, though, and they bought a Magic Bullet. And because they called in the next ten minutes, they got a second one absolutely free. They held on to that second Bullet and kept it secret, they kept it safe.

They quietly used their own Magic Bullet for the next few weeks and didn’t tell a soul. We saw the Magic Bullet now and again, however. We used to drop by unannounced and hang out or whatever and would see the Bullet out on the counter for a brief minute. My wife and i saw the Bullet and poured forth insults on our friends for using that silly tv product. They would only smile and say, “Yes, we bought a Magic Bullet.”

Then one day they invited us over for Magic Bullet Omelettes. Omelettes made, you can guess, with the Magic Bullet. All the ingredients put into one container, screw on the lid and zip it into the housing. Et Voila! Seconds later, a perfect Magic Bullet Omelette was frying in the pan. We also had a Magic Bullet Smoothie with any fruit we liked. This was too Jetsons-esque and we were hooked.

This predictable story finishes a week or so before Christmas when our friends said, “Come over for a minute tonight- we have a Christmas present for you.” They surprised us and gave us our own Magic Bullet and told us the story of their late night purchase all over again, this time including the second Bullet in the story. Thanks, Chris and Tosha- for the Bullet!

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