Book Review: EQ 2.0

If you read Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover and asked yourself, “Well, now what?”, then Lee Eisenberg’s The Number is your ‘now what’. If you rushed out and read Boundaries after my compelling literary review and thought,  “Great- now what?” Then EQ 2.0 by Bradberry and Greaves is your ‘now what’.

The Summary. Maybe it can be said better this way: EQ 2.0 is the Why behind Boundaries’ What. Maybe that’s not a better way to say it. Bottom line, it’s the next click on the healthy emotional development continuum. EQ is presented in contrast to IQ and Personality (MBTI) while all three work together to shape the individual. What is EQ? Emotional Intelligence. EQ is divided into 4 categories: 1. Self Awareness

2. Self Management

3. Social Awareness

4. Relationship Management

The material that makes up EQ 2.0 is about 70 pages of content followed by, um, 200 or so ( i think) pages of exercises and launching points for further study or reflection. I read the 70 pages of content in one sitting pretty easily with some caffeine, but because there are nearly 60 exercies, thought i better take the test first. Oh- there’s a test. When you buy the book you get a special sealed envelope with a code for the online test. This seems pretty gimmicky at first, but the ‘Strengths’ books have used this pretty well, so i’m in.

The Good. Well, for one, the insight in here is pretty near incredible. The authors admit to a lot of what they say as being “common sense or given” but that Americans seem to only be paying lip service to these concepts, rather than actually implementing them. They do a great job of putting together a wide spectrum of personal and interpersonal insight and wisdom into accessible, helpful categories while making an excellent case for their relevance and importance for the healthy emotional development of the individual.

The Bad. These four plunk down very conveniently into Ken Wilber’s AQAL quadrants, which makes for seamless cross-application and much clinical enlightenment. So much so, actually, that i was surprised they didn’t give Ken at least a hat tip. Maybe its just a coincidence and they’re all independantly on to exactly the same thing?

The Obvious. Feels a lot like a bandwagon some of the time. I can see these terms making their way into the collective vernacular of business America and only confusing the issue more if people don’t actually engage it and learn from it. I’ve seen this bandwagon/lipservice thing alot and the problem is, the concepts and ideas that fall victim to it are often fantastic. So, that’s kind of a concern.

The Bottom Line. It was an easy, straight-forward read with little or no supplemental reading required. Easy to pick up and run with. Its a five out of five. *****/*****. Super accessible and applicable. It joins Strengthsfinder 2.0 and Boundaries as must-reads.

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