Cutting Edge

My friend and i fb’d about “the curve” and wondered outloud how you locate the people who are ahead of it. Who’s sees what’s coming next? Is there a better way to keep up culturally beyond reading Rolling Stone and Leonard Sweet?

I think the answer breaks down a number of ways.

First, the answer is industry/interest/discipline specific. The people seeing the future of their discipline are already part of the discipline. Anyone considered to be ahead of the curve is already in the industry. To follow them- thus, being on the cutting edge- be up on the news in the given discipline. All the new ideas are going to evolve and revolve within a particular discipline. This narrows down the who and where.

Secondly, the people seeing around the corners have a deep respect and understanding of their discipline. They know what has been- not so they know what to do, but so they know what can be. Usage of ideas can be broken into three broad categories: Pre-Conventional (nobody does that), Conventional (everybody does that), and Post-Conventional (nobody does that anymore). Great thinkers and innovators understand where they come from and have a new vision of where they’re going.

Third. People who lead change in their industry/discipline/interest/field are attuned to the spirit of the discipline; its core purpose and meaning. That which inspires the rules and ideas. People like this understand the why behind the what- not just the surface that presents itself- the impetus of the forward movement.

Lastly, interpreting the ideas of industry leaders requires a basic understanding of the industry. You need to have a thorough knowledge of the discipline. Know the ins and outs of the box before you try to think outside it.

Christianity is a good case study.

When a religious leader tries to move the discipline forward ,but disrespects the spirit or violates the fundamentals, we refer to their work as a cult.

Jesus, starting out, trains as a rabbi. Explores deeply within Judaism and by understanding what makes it come alive and honoring the spirit, he brings it to the next stage. Paul, a rabbi trained by Jesus himself, takes it a step further. If Jesus or Paul ditch the fundamentals of Judaism or disrespect the spirit, they fail. Today, thousands of years later, the cutting edge christians are the ones who are most attuned to the spirit and who understand where the discipline came from and what makes it come alive and move forward.

Christianity is a unique religion, in part because of its forward progression.


7 Comments on “Cutting Edge”

  1. meg says:

    What sets Christianity apart is that the main person, the Christ, died for sin, defeated death by coming back to life under His own power, and then lives inside those who ask Him to, as The Holy Spirit! That is the difference!!
    No other religion can come close to giving life!

  2. “Cutting-edge Christians”… I’m not sure that I believe there is such a thing. What exactly do you mean by that (before I go off on a diatribe)?

  3. metamoses says:

    if there are such persons as cutting edge christians, they are the ones who are best living out what it means to be one in the present and who are anticipating the next development, individually and communally. Do those people exist?

  4. meg says:

    Cutting edge of what? Is that the cutting edge of our present society? Who is to say what that cutting edge is? Would that be the Christian in tune with the common person as well as having an uncommonly close connection to God? That person is rare, I think, in the U.S., because Christians in America have not had to use their spiritual muscles to survive a hostile government, or live faith out as the only believer in a seriously hostile workplace.

    But that may be changing soon, if the Church does not repent of our national sins. God gave the Church responsibility to rule this nation in the 1600’s, so the Church is still responsible for the children who have suffered unspeakable betrayal, and pain of abortion, and child porn.
    My soapbox, actually, clearly God’s project. Every Christian who does not do something—as little as contacting a representative once a year—is an acclomplice to the abortionist.

    The necessity of living one’s faith in the face of persecution, while digging hard into God’s heart, is the one who is going to be more real and connected to people, becoming a bridge—a representative of Jesus—that people can relate to. But don’t forget, the closer one comes to Jesus, the more people in general are going to be repelled by that person. People who do not yet know Jesus are naturally going to hate the Holy Spirit inside that Christian. This is what Jesus said; so, it would seem the cutting edge Christian is rare indeed.

  5. Mike Ash says:

    Meg, i’m not sure that i’m on board with you. I think that more than contacting a representative that ultimately has such a small effect in the big decisions, Americans should do whatever they can to impact the world through the affluence that God has given us.

    We live in a country where the average person gives away 3-4%, regardless of their religious affiliation, yet if you make at least $20,000 a year, you are in the top 5% of the world’s wealthiest people.

    We need to fund the right organizations that are accomplishing God’s will on the earth & solving some of the greatest problems. I think that would work better than writing a representative.

    Also, as I read the story of Jesus, people were ridiculously attracted to him, not repelled by him. I think that the same should be true of his followers. The only people who were repelled were the religious rite.

    Those are just my thoughts.

  6. meg says:

    When Jesus sent out His disciples two by two, He said men would hate them, because they had hated Him first—true, these were the religious. But remember the crowd that had honored Him as He road the donkey into Jerusalem? This same crowd called for His execution! The common people! Not everybody was drawn to Him, just the people the Father had called–“no man can come to Me except the Father draw him”.
    Matt. 24:9-14, these are not pleasant verses, this is because the the spirit naturally within a man is contrary to God, Rom. 3:9-18; Rom.1:21-32, especially v.30, God-haters, yes this was under the law, but David and Daniel were under the law also, but they were filled with the Holy Spirit, as were Moses and the prophets.
    No one seeks God on his own, if we did we have something to brag about, such as our own righteousness that seeks God because we have something good in us but no, our righteousness is a gift from God, Jesus took our sin as His own, and gave us His righteousness as if it were our own.
    John 16:18-19, this is quite clear. If you want more, there is much to find on this subject, and not picked out of the air, but in context of the scripture.
    I love a good discussion!

  7. meg says:

    The reason I said to contact a representative is because I have been doing extensive research on our nation’s birth, and have found that God gave the Church the responsibility to rule this nation, but She soon gave this authority over to others, to the point that it is legal, as you know, to kill a child inside of her Mommy’s tummy. The Church has permitted Roe v Wade to stand for nearly 40 years, a very significant number in scripture. Even now the Church has the power to defeat it, but has instead voted in a government whose hearts are stone cold against God, and for comfort and convenience, and “reproductive rights” to the point of killing a child through means so painful and betraying as to rival the torture chambers of the Dark Ages!
    The rule of our country belongs to Christians, if you question this, I have hundreds of pages of documentation I’d like to share, a bit condensed, of course!

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