Awareness is Progressive

Your next idea, insight or aha very likely isn’t next. It going to take a little work to get there.In our house, you can’t see the living room from the kitchen. From the kitchen you can only see the dining room and a glimpse of the hall. From the dining room, though, you see the hall and start to glimpse the living room. Move into the hall and you can see the living room and decide if it’s where you want to go.

In the kitchen, the living room wasn’t an option. This is called the adjacent possible. In the kitchen, only the dining room is in the adjacent possible. But move into the dining room and the adjacent possible expands and morphs- new opportunities present themselves and old ones are lost.

Awareness and possibility.

If you’ve exhausted the possibilities or feel exhausted by them you may need to move into the adjacent possible- then see where you are. This works for writer’s block, too.


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