Who, Why, How and What

What you do is the least of your concerns. How you do what you has a greater impact- bigger still is why you do what you do. You can start with a great what or a better how but you must answer why you do it eventually. If you leave it there, it won’t get better. If you examine how you do it, you will see incremental progress. But not until you run to ground the question of why, will it (the what and how) really take off and start to become what you first dreamt of.

What you do is a reflection of who you are, the passions you carry and your medium of expressing it all. The what is almost (almost but not quite) a by-product in comparison. You are a certain kind of person who believes (or disbelieves) a certain number and mixture of things within a system partially of your own making and partially made for you. What you do is the expression of all these put together; the natural outflow of these convergent forces.
How you do what you do is more nuanced than what you do- it involves your audience and their size and interests, it involves your own politics and the commerce you find yourself in, it involves the community, social settings (chosen or otherwise), what you are gifted at and what you had better leave alone.
The why behind the how and the what is where its at. This is where you begin to define who you are through what you believe to both yourself and the outside world. This is why you spend time alone and in thought learning about yourself and just how to express it or put it in a sentence.

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