The Comfort Zone Myth

Your Comfort Zone isn’t a bad thing.


We talk about “getting out” of our Comfort Zone as if its a bad place to be- but its not. Your given Comfort Zone is actually a good thing. The problem lies in that you can’t stay in your Comfort Zone. If you could stay there indefinitely- well, it doesn’t matter what because its impossible.




Getting into your Comfort Zone, nevermind staying there, is tricky at best- its a balancing act that will never be worth the effort. Leaning into the next challenge is where the payoff lies. In this picture, Growth only happens to the right of Comfort Zone- to the left is Complacency, Atrophy and Boredom. To the right is Challenge, the only place Growth can actually occur.


So, where are you sensing yourself getting comfortable? Because getting comfortable means you are lining up for Complacency in the next couple weeks.




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