5 Signs of Complacency

The biggest danger of Complacency is the slippery slope into self-destructive Boredom. Here are 5 Signs you’ve grown Complacent: use them 20130215-132457.jpgas a filter in different areas (career, projects, relationships, hopes and dreams) of your life to identify Complacency.

1. De-Motivated- you don’t want to get up in the morning. No passion.

2. De-Stimulated- you fall asleep just thinking about it. No creativity.

3. Stagnant- you have no new ideas. No insight.

4. Life-Sucking- you feel drained without having worked hard.

5. It’s Too Easy- you can’t remember when it was hard to do.

It’s so important, once you’ve identified an area of Complacency, to own it completely. Your Complacency doesn’t belong to anyone else; no one else caused it and no one else will launch you out of it. Now is the time to determine how you will Challenge yourself out of your Complacency and into Growth. Keep leaning forward.


3 Comments on “5 Signs of Complacency”

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