5 Signs of a Good Challenge

The Challenge portion of the Curve is the only place where honest, healthy Growth occurs.


Lean too far into Challenge and you’ll just end up in Anxiety; lean away from the Challenge and you’ll end up drifting into Complacency. There’s a balance to be struck and it’s always a forward-leaning balance. Here are 5 Signs of a Great Challenge, some benchmarks to help you determine whether you’re hitting that balance of Challenge and Flow.

1. It’s Motivating. You want to get up in the morning to tackle it.

2. It’s Stimulating. You want to stay up thinking about it. You ooze with Creativity and new ideas.

3. It’s Enriching. You feel yourself learning and growing in it.

4. It’s Life-Giving. You feel charged- rather than drained after working at it.

5. It’s Tantalizing. It’s just beyond your reaching and keeps you focused, leaning in.

How long has it been since you felt that way about your present work, your career, your dreams, your relationships? What steps can you take to move you one click closer to Challenge in an area of your life desperate for change?


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