Harder AND Smarter

20130215-132457.jpgThe Boredom/Anxiety Curve is a highly efficient coaching tool which helps you understand where you are in a given area or aspect or your life. The application of it is usually very quick- I’m talking 15 seconds, tops.

If you are already working hard, working harder may not be worth it- the effort may not be worth the return. If you are already working smart, then leveraging your brain power for another percentage point of efficiency may actually be more inefficient.

But, gauging your efforts against this curve, you could be working harder and smarter with virtually no increase in effort. Sounds counter intuitive- so why does it work?

1. It brings Focus. The Curve is uber-adaptable; you can apply it anywhere at anytime and come away with tighter picture of your progress and helps you zero in on where you need to go.

2. It brings Clarity. The Curve provides easy to identify your own boundaries and parameters, maximizing your effort. You’ll know when to push forward and when to pull back.

3. It brings Awareness. The Curve is natural to everyone of us- but using it is rare. The vocabulary and visualization of the Curve helps you better understand you and how you work.


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