The Epitaph for Comparison Thinking


One of the greatest aspects of the Boredom/Anxiety Curve is its exclusive nature. There is no one else on the Curve but you. It’s highly individualistic in the best possible way.

The Curve exposes the lie of Comparison Thinking. There are no coworkers, colleagues, competition or crackpots, not even heroes. Just you. Its not concerned with the Complacency or Challenges of others. It doesn’t overlay with other analysis.

The Curve is a very  personal tool. Where are you at? Where do you need to engage? Where are you not putting up your best effort? Where do you need to extend yourself some grace?

Yes- find heroes and emulate them. Yes- competition is healthy. And YES- the better you understand yourself, the farther you’ll go. And, at all costs, avoid the crackpots.


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