Who, Why, How and What

What you do is the least of your concerns. How you do what you has a greater impact- bigger still is why you do what you do. You can start with a great what or a better how but you must answer why you do it eventually. If you leave it there, it won’t get better. If you examine how you do it, you will see incremental progress. But not until you run to ground the question of why, will it (the what and how) really take off and start to become what you first dreamt of.

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Boredom Anxiety Bell Curve

The Curve: Gain Traction and Stay Engaged in Any Area of Your Life.


This picture is a simple tool to help you gain traction and stay engaged in any area of your life. If you use this tool consistently, you will learn how to quickly and efficiently be the most engaged you’ve ever been. You will feel the momentum build and regularly (almost predictably) experience the rush of taking on and conquering new challenges. And it starts with understanding where you’re presently “at” in your life.

Let’s set the stage and then get into the details. At the extremes are Boredom and Anxiety and we won’t deal with these too much here. In the dead center is the Comfort Zone- we all talk about it and know it exists, so there it is, illustrated for convenience. To the right of our Comfort Zone is Challenge; notice it’s on the Anxiety side of the curve but not to the extreme. Same with Complacency on the left side; it’s outside our Comfort Zone, but not in the extreme of Boredom. Read the rest of this entry »

A Stronger Why

Retirement is a great reason. So is more free time now. So is more money, more fulfillment and less stress. But they are too easily broken- they aren’t strong enough to hold up to the urgent excuses that come flying at us every minute of every day. Your reason has to be strong enough to withstand your best efforts at self-sabotage. Your reason why- is it strong enough?

Awareness is Progressive

Your next idea, insight or aha very likely isn’t next. It going to take a little work to get there. Read the rest of this entry »

Stop Waiting for the By-Product.

Motivation, confidence and happiness are by-products. This means you cant wait on them to get started- because they only come after. Reaching for any of them is like driving down the road while reaching into the backseat for an elusive object.

They steal your focus and endanger your journey. Reaching will run you off the road and crash. Waiting for them before you start means you will never get started.

What are you reaching for? What are you waiting for? Something that will only come after its all done?

Art as Honesty

Art is honest confession, good for the soul. Good for the soul of the artist and for the receiver both. Seeing, touching, feeling, hearing, longing for Art is to know that someone else feels the same way. The honesty of the artist creates space for others to be honest, “Yes, I feel that way too.” and in this the artist has created Art.

Art as Hope

Hope exists only because of despair, without despair there is no hope. Art confronts despair and fear by facing it head-on, conquers it by bringing it out into the open where it can seen for what it is. Art brings despair into reality where it is powerless- fear has power only in untruth and in hidden places. Hope grows as despair is exposed for lies.

“But we possess ourselves and all things in hope, for in hope we have them not as they are in themselves but as they are in Christ: full of promise. All things are at once good and imperfect.”
-Thomas Merton